(+58) 212 985.75.55 | info@quicoma.com

(+58) 212 985.75.55 | info@quicoma.com

Quimica Comercial de las Americas, Inc. (QUICOMA) was establish in February 2012, under the laws of the Republic of Panama. Since its inception, it has dedicated to served as commercial intermediary between consumers and suppliers of raw materials for the industries of food, medicines, cooling systems, oil and others.

It has the representation from a wide variety of manufacturers and traders around the world; this last has allowed it cover the needs of about 750 customers located in North America, Central America, South America and Caribbean Islands. Quicoma has a dedicated team to develop the commercial intermediation and providing the technical, logistical and human support that will allow the good conclusion of the projects undertaken. Based on the continued development and growth of you business processes, future expectations, are ambitious, hoping to increase our portfolio of intermediation.


Maintain excellence in the compliance of our marketing processes and services, providing quality products, competitive prices and efficient customer care.


Professionally represent international producers of raw materials for the chemical industry, successfully serving the needs and requirements of customers.


To ensure the best raw materials requested by customers, the best price offered by our represented and with the best possible delivery time.

Increase our commercial presence in a greater number of customers in the American market.

Diversify the portfolio represented in order to provide a greater amount of products.